Our family to your family. Words from Caregivers at The Breckinridge.

Our Director Robin Hamon Co-author of Book of Alzheimer’s Activities.

“Co-authoring these activity books helps people understand it is the opportunities to communicate respect and to help the person maintain dignity. Most importantly, we teach how to make engagement with cognitively impaired people fun and satisfying for all.” -Robin Hamon

Words From Us At The Breckinridge.

“I’ve worked at other facilities, and the employee turnover so high. Here the staff has worked here for years and years.”

“Mamie showed us how to make her recipe for Banana Croquets. We still make them.”

“We all pitch in to help each other. It’s a gift working here. The Breckinridge is my second home.”

“Families find relief in talking to us, they know we understand. And we’ll get answers if we don’t know.”

“Many individuals now have come to live here, because someone in their family had been with us.”

“Staff can read each other without talking. That’s because we’ve been for here awhile. That helps a lot.”

“My first day, I knew I’d love working here.”

“Families are overburdened with taking care of their wife, husband, mother or father. They see that they are happy here. Behaviors can get better here and it has surprised so many families.”

“Families tell us they see the love we give.”

“We learn cues from people who can’t say sentences. We’ve become highly sensitive to non-verbal communication. Eye contact and quiet touches help as well.”