The Breckinridge: An Alzheimer's Residence


What People About The Breckinridge


"My dad derived tremendous enjoyment from the grounds at The Breckinridge. In good weather and bad, he walked, fed the birds and worked in the gardens."
~Richard Booth

"I am grateful that my mother is privileged to live at The Breckinridge. The highly trained, loving staff provides for her every need."
~Lucy Breathitt

"Your staff is extremely supportive, friendly and encouraging. I couldnít ask for better care for my parents."
~William Hacker, M.D.

"At The Breckinridge they give a lot of TLC —itís a real family! There is no better place my mother could be in a wide radius of Cincinnati."
~Debra Mohr

"The secret of good Alzheimerís care is not so much in what is done as in how it is done."
~Virginia Bell, M.S.W.

"Alzheimer's disease affects each person differently. Until science discovers the cause and the cure, the best care is that which gives special attention to understanding and meeting the unique needs of these individuals and their needs"
William R. Markesbery, M.D.
Director, Sanders-Brown
Center on Aging,
University of Kentucky

The Breckinridge in winter

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