The Breckinridge: An Alzheimer's Residence


Welcome to The Breckinridge

The Breckinridge is a residential alternative for people in the early to moderate stages of Alzheimer’s disease. It is designed for otherwise healthy people who can no longer safely live at home and who do not require the care of a skilled nursing facility.

Because no two individuals are alike, care at The Breckinridge is designed to fit the needs and accommodate the wishes of each resident. Flexibility is possible because The Breckinridge is limited to 24 residents and maintains a high staffing level.

Staff members are selected primarily because they are friendly, encouraging, caring and supportive. The Breckinridge then makes each staff member an Alzheimer’s care “expert” with comprehensive, ongoing training. The physical design of The Breckinridge is the result of extensive research, thought and consideration of function and aesthetics. It is situated on a wooded, three-acre lot in a quiet, residential neighborhood. Way-finding cues and reminders to assist residents with carrying out basic activities of daily living are tastefully incorporated into gracious, attractive and secure surroundings.

Family and friends are always welcome at The Breckinridge and are encouraged to join residents for delicious home-cooked meals or participate in the many planned and unplanned activities.

Dr. Graham Rowles - University of Kentucky

Dr. Graham Rowles at University of Kentucky teaches graduate students who are studying the diagnosis, care and treatment of folks with dementia. Typically one or two of his students will call during the course of the school year to come out and visit and make a report. Pamela Desin is the student that wrote the article and is quoted below.

The Breckinridge in Lexington was a one-of-a-kind when it was built and is still a fine institution today. The staff members are kind, caring, and appreciate the special needs of the people they care for. The caregivers seem well taken care of by their employers which translates into successful caregiving that only comes from loving the work. Everything the staff was doing pertained to putting the residents’ needs first and it created a quiet and serene environment. There was little stress and everyone seemed content.

All in all, a wonderful experience, pleasant people, and a place I am proud to know exists in Kentucky, specifically in Lexington. It is a place I would be comfortable as a setting for a loved one. It is not a home. It is their home.


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