The Breckinridge: An Alzheimer's Residence

About the Breckinridge

Our Mission

Recognizing the challenges of providing care for people with Alzheimer's disease or related dementias, The Breckinridge offers care that enhances a resident's ability to maintain independence, nurtures a home-like environment, and cherishes life as a gift that is always meaningful.

Our Vision

As a community of care-givers, families, friends, healthcare providers and volunteers, we understand that all of our interactions must combine professionalism, knowledge and compassion. We view the involvement of residents, family members and significant others as an essential part of our care-giving team. Together we will create and environment characterized by dignity, freedom, security, individuality, independence, health and well-being.

Our Values

We respect the diversity, dignity and interdependence of all persons. We therefore commit to the following:
  • We will develop and maintain the most current dementia-specific technical knowledge and care-giving skills;
  • We will provide energetic support and advocacy for our residents, families, and other people living with Alzheimer's disease or related dementias;
  • We will value both compassion and professionalism in our staff, and in response to these values, we will actively support our staff both in career development and in personal concerns;
  • We will share accountability for the well-being of each member of the Breckinridge community;
  • We will communicate openly, honestly, and without judgment;
  • We will behave in ways that generate trust and build confidence;
  • We will strive for excellence through learning and continuous improvement; and
  • We will maintain our vision and values, which will enable us to continue as national leaders in the delivery of dementia care services.


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