The Breckinridge: An Alzheimer's Residence


About the Breckinridge

Criteria For Residency

The Breckinridge is licensed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky as a Personal Care Home and criteria for residence at The Breckinridge are based on the state regulations for our level of care. In order to become and remain a resident at The Breckinridge, a person must meet the following criteria:

  • have a diagnosis of an irreversible, progressive dementia (Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, etc.)
  • be free of communicable diseases;
  • be independently mobile and able to participate in his or her own personal care, including toileting;
  • be able to communicate with others (i.e., to understand and make himself or herself understood), verbally or non-verbally;
  • be free of continual aggressive, abusive, or dangerous behaviors; and
  • be able to pay residency fees and expenses.

When a resident no longer meets one or more of the above criteria, the staff of The Breckinridge will assist his or her family in finding a more appropriate care setting.

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